Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Wintry Visit To The Farm

We made it safely through the Adirondacks in spite of the cold, wind and snow and arrived at the farm. The first thing I noticed was that the tenants had built a beautiful snowman in the front yard. So I stopped in the road and snapped a photo of it. The driveway had recently been plowed, though snow would soon fill it back up again. Despite the cold, the farm was a beautiful winter sight:

I tried to enter the barn through the milk room as usual but the lock had frozen shut. So I entered through the sliding door on the north end. The new windows on the east wall were amazing and let in so much light that it almost seemed like a brand new barn. Formerly, there had only been plywood covering the holes in the wall. It's now warmer inside the barn since so many air leaks have been plugged:

Inside a box stall which probably once housed a horse or two, I could look out through the new windows to see the house and my apartment. That red building to the right is the barn belonging to the people across the road:

Inside this box stall which was so big it really amounted to a separate room, I could also see the milk room. If I have a horse or two some day, they'll surely stay here. Or perhaps it will be a good place to use as a maternity ward for cows:

Inside my apartment, I hung the painting my sister had given me for Christmas:

I took a very brief walk through the snow to the south of the house but didn't linger as the cold and wind were both strengthening and the snow, which had stopped for a while was again beginning to fall:

I shoveled off the ramp into the dogs' run and let them outside to explore. Giant ol' Seamus plowed paths which the smaller dogs were able to use to get through the deepening snow:

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