Monday, January 18, 2010

The Marcy Field Parking Area/Dog Park

We'd reached the Keane Valley, the last opportunity to let the dogs out before getting onto the limited access highway. There was only one hope for an off the road open space, and that was the parking lot for Marcy Field. Luckily, it had been recently plowed. I had to be careful not to drive into the deep snow, but it made for a good place for the dogs to get out and do their thing.

In this picture, the dogs are in the long entrance road to the parking area. The highway is straight ahead running across the photo along the base of that mountain. Seamus, Casey, Fergus and Wally are stretching their legs and emptying their bladders. Little Winky and Wren are not that adventurous and didn't travel that far from the car:

There's one house standing alone in Marcy Field. It appears to be used as an office, but I suppose once upon a time it was the farm house for the people who owned this large field:

There was one other car and it appeared to be sitting in a snow bank. No people were around, and I didn't expect that anyone would pull into the parking area in this weather. Why would they come there? To hike in the mountains?:

Casey, Seamus and Fergus are feeling frisky at this point. Notice Fergus' ears flopping merrily. He's a happy boy:

Hey, here's my two little old curmudgeons. Winky and Wren have gotten themselves as far away from the warm car as they wanted to get. Now they just want back in to get warm and comfortable again:

So I packed up the dogs and headed south towards Albany, stopping only in Pottersville for gas. I also took one last photo, of the Pottersville Black Bear Restaurant. It's a quaint and homey place to have a hearty meal. But I didn't eat there this time. With a car full of dogs and a long drive both behind me and ahead of me, I continued on my way:

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