Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Adirondacks In Winter

The dogs and I were traveling through the Adirondacks on our way toward the farm to spend the weekend. The weather in the Keane Valley had been surprisingly mild so I was feeling confident. This lovely red homestead with stone fireplace and chimney was surrounded by pines and looked like a great place to spend the winter:

And not far away was this old barn and well kept home:

But we journeyed onward and northward. As we traveled, the snowfall resumed, the temperature dropped and the winds began to howl. Alongside many of the roads stood snow covered fir trees:

It became so frigid and blustery that I got so I hated to stop for picture taking. Furthermore, the snow plows had piled snow at the roadsides which prevented me from pulling onto the shoulder. I stopped briefly right there in the road when there was no other traffic and quickly photographed these wintry firs:

When we arrived at Route 458, the winter strengthened and there was little other traffic. I guess I'm learning that broad flat areas are prone to high winds (like the Keane Valley and up at my farm). These firs and tamaracks have got to be rugged, cold loving trees:

The scenery was beautiful as long as I stayed inside the warm car. I got to thinking that I could use some of these photographs for Christmas cards in the future. Well, we were seeing now what winter can be like in the Adirondacks:

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