Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Warm Dogs And A Comfortable Winter Evening

The dogs and I had spent a full day traveling through the wintry Adirondacks, checking out the new barn windows, shoveling snow and getting lost on the way home from the drive to see the 14 acres for sale. The temperatures were dropping rapidly outdoors, more snow was falling and the winds were high. So I determined to stay indoors in my warm apartment for the rest of the evening. Just as I was contemplating dinner, I noticed Fergus on my bed all warm and comfy:

Fergus looked so relaxed and happy to be indoors that I snapped his photo. Then I noticed Wren and Casey reclining blissfully on their pillows:

Winky and Seamus were also grateful to be warm, indoors and comfortable. Winky used his pillow as a bed, but for big ol' Seamus, a pillow could be only a - well, a pillow:

Wally also loves to be on the bed and get himself at least partially under the covers. Wally can't jump up there unassisted, but he has no qualms about asking for a boost:

Both the dogs and I were toasty warm, comfy and at ease in our comfortable apartment even as the cold winds howled and the snow piled up outdoors:

The sun was setting outside and it was going to be a cold, cold night. I canceled my plans to try a local restaurant and decided instead to stay indoors with the dogs all evening. I reminded myself of summer's wildflowers, hay fields and bird songs. It won't be long before they're all returned to Windswept Farm:

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