Friday, January 8, 2010

A Frozen Rest Stop For The Dogs

I mentioned in my last post that the snow plows had piled up banks of snow at all the roads' edges which prevented me from pulling off onto the shoulders of the roads. Well, it also made it impossible to find a place to walk the dogs. You may recall the beautiful wildflower covered meadows and pine scented woodlands where the dogs got their breaks this past summer. Needless to say, there was nothing of the sort available in January.

I pulled into a parking area in the Santa Clara Tract and let the dogs out in the parking area. Thankfully, it had been plowed. On our way back home, even the parking area was unplowed and unavailable. Well, the dogs were happy to get out anyway and were happy to trot along the six foot high snow banks. Wally, you may notice, is anointing one of them:

Wren and Winky are definitely NOT snow dogs, but they were happy for a few moments out of the car:

Fergus and Wally sniff around for snow monsters:

Seamus seemed perfectly fine in the cold despite his short and unsightly haircut. His long legs allow him to cover great distances in very short order:

Wally, however, began having cold feet - literally! His poor little feet got so cold that he picked them up one at a time, painfully wishing they'd get better (notice the photo). But the cold continued to strengthen:

"Help me, Dad!" I did finally pick Wally up and put him back in the car. It was so cold outside that I also wanted back where it was warm:

Fergus, Casey and Seamus didn't seem to mind the cold very much. I had to call them back to the car:

Once all six dogs were back in the car and I counted heads several times to be sure, we were on our way. Next stop, the farm!:

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