Monday, January 11, 2010

A Real Estate Adventure

Rick had spent so much time up at the farm while remodeling the house and barn that he'd expressed some interest in buying a camp in the area. So I've been keeping my eye on the internet real estate listings. I'd found one which seemed like quite a bargain, so on Saturday afternoon I decided to brave the cold, wind and snow and drive out to take a look at it. On the way, I passed this happy family ice skating and shoveling off the pond:

I may have thought that the weather was horrible, but this family was having a wonderful and happy Saturday afternoon together. When I stopped to snap their picture, they all smiled and waved:

The property I'd driven out to see was 16 miles from my farm and consisted of a mobile home on 14 acres for $24,500. The trailer was listed as being in "great" condition and perfectly suitable for year 'round occupancy, though the current owners use it only as a seasonal camp:

Indeed, the driveway was unplowed and I could only see it from the road. The home was surrounded by pines and tamaracks but was otherwise located in a big field. Right behind it, however, were miles and miles of woodland:

The property was on a short dead end road and one of the closest neighbors was this modified geodesic dome across the road:

I took some photos and headed back to my farm to sit out the winter storm. It was only a 16 mile drive but I made a wrong turn somewhere and drove for many miles out of my way. The area is so flat and sparsely populated, and the roads so straight that they all seem to look alike. Besides, there's miles and miles between road signs. I eventually found a woman shoveling her driveway and stopped to ask for directions. I'd somehow gotten turned around and was driving the wrong way. I never did quite figure out where I'd gotten myself to, but with the strengthening storm, was happy to be headed back to my warm farm apartment:

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