Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Beauty Of Snowy Woodlands - Part 2

I was taking a drive down the gravel road which runs past my house and snapping photos of the beautiful, snowy forest (see also Part 1, posted yesterday):

Wintry white tracery on all the trees, a soft white carpet on the ground:

The forest was quiet and peaceful, with only an occasional Raven, Blue Jay or Chickadee to break the stillness:

More Red Pine and American Beech trees:

There were a number of lanes cut into the forest, leading I know not where. I hope to get to know who owns these lands and ask about permission to walk them with my dogs. Doesn't it look inviting?:

A quiet landscape, with a lacework of purest white:

American Beech and Red Pine:

I believe the two small trees in the foreground were Sugar Maple, but I'm not certain:

I wish now I'd tried to identify the trees, but from the photo, these may have been spruce or fir:

A giant rock alongside the road, backed by more forest. The trees were all small, leading me to speculate that this was farmland not too many years ago:

A splash of copper, seeming to dance and spin like a ballerina, indicated a small beech tree. They hold onto their leaves all winter:

The last picture shows Red Pine bark and American Beech leaves adding reddish orange color to accent the view. It was all very lovely, but it was time for me to put away my camera and head home to do the evening chores before dark. Fortunately, home was nearby as I'd ventured only a couple of miles::

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