Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Around The Farm In Winter

Normally the chickens would have been locked inside for the duration of the winter, but this year they were able to go out on many mild days:

At night and on cold, snowy days, they've stayed indoors:

I don't suppose there was really much for them to eat outside anymore, but they sure seemed content and happy to be pecking around, looking for it:

The one place they were assured of finding something to eat was directly under the bird feeders. Of course they could also go into the barn for feed pellets any time they wanted:

The pigeons were locked inside for the winter, but they seemed happy in there:

The Snow Geese passed through the area, stopping occasionally in corn fields:

I get up early every morning and then wait until it begins to get light before I go out to do chores. Things are silent and lovely at that hour:

And the barn, with its lights, looks warm and welcoming:

I had dropped so much hay from simply removing the twine from hay bales that I filled the tractor bucket with it. Since it was all moldy and inedible, I dumped it on the manure pile:

The Canada Geese have also continued to pass overhead, though they now seem to be in a hurry and don't stop to rest very often:

I can hear their honking before they become visible. These, apparently, are those who got a late start and now they are trying to get out of the cold:

As the nights began to get colder, I began allowing the cattle to sleep inside the barn. This is the mess they leave in just one night - a lot of work and stink for me. This is why I leave them outside at night when it's not too cold:

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