Monday, January 11, 2016

Needham Road, Town Of Stockholm New York - Part 2

I was touring beautiful, rural Needham Road in the town of Stockholm, New York (see Part 1, yesterday's post). This farm looked large and prosperous:

The pigeons collected atop the silos and seemed to enjoy flying, taking off every now and then, apparently just for the sheer joy of it:

The Holsteins in the fields came up to the fence to watch me. They seemed healthy and friendly, both signs that they are receiving good care:

This animal had a comment to make:

Old farm equipment, off by the woods at the back of the field:

And a small pond in the pasture. In a normal year, this field would be covered in snow and the pond would be frozen. This winter got off to a slow start - not that I'm complaining:

Corn fields, stretching off into the distance with more farms just barely visible beyond them:

Hay fields and barbed wire fences:

An old farm house:

And a large barn with double silos:

But I'd come to the end of Needham Road, so I took one final picture of a stream, running through a hay field. This area is rural and scenic, and I hope it stays that way:

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