Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Dogs In A Snowy North Field

Our weather warmed up to almost freezing, and the sun began to melt some of the ice and snow. I decided it would be a good opportunity to take the dogs for a romp in the north field. Daphne and Clover raced each other, wrestling as they ran:

Gigantic Seamus was more awkward, but had lots of fun all the same. Fergus and Jack followed their big buddy:

And then they too began racing each other:

Lots of fun, lots of exercise:

Even Seamus did some frolicking and wrestling with Fergus:

It was a grand time, and the dogs ran all the way to the far end of the field. I was having trouble traversing the crusty snow and had to take this photo with the zoom lens:

I found walking to be difficult and only made it part way across the field. I turned back toward the house and gave the dogs a call. Seamus and Fergus were the first to arrive:

Soon, all five dogs were racing in circles around me:

With occasional high speed returns to the far fence line:

Jack runs everywhere he goes. He does not walk unless he's on a leash:

Soon, however, we were approaching the barn:

I put Jack on a leash and told the other dogs to heel - which they reluctantly did, sort of. We'd had ourselves a good time and a miniature winter adventure:

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