Sunday, January 24, 2016

County Route 56 - Part 1

I turned onto County Route 56 from Connor Road in Parishville (see previous post) at this old, unoccupied log cabin:

This home had firewood but the driveway wasn't plowed. Perhaps it was someone's weekend retreat:

A large, old farm house, built of Potsdam Red Sandstone. It was unoccupied, though the farm was active:

The farm attached to the above home was active, though I couldn't tell where the family lived:

As I drove farther, I saw this wood furnace in a shed attached to the gray building. Perhaps that was the home:

I passed this old barn, now almost a pile of rubble:

And another old barn, still standing but showing its age:

A small herd of what are commonly referred to as "Black Baldies." They are popular up here and usually a cross between Black Angus and Hereford:

An interesting outbuilding with a smokestack:

And another farm house built of Potsdam Red Sandstone, this one up on a hill:

An old silo whose barn fell down or burned down long ago. But there was more to see on County Route 56, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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