Friday, January 22, 2016

Connor Road, Parishville New York

I was on my way home from Potsdam when I decided to turn onto Connor Road to see the sights. This vegetable stand, closed and used for storage during the winter, belongs to an Amish family:

I believe that this barn was Amish also:

The Amish home. A telltale sign is the laundry, hung to dry on the front porch. There was also a giant barn on the farm with a lot of Amish boys playing in the snow. I waved, but couldn't take a picture because I've been told that Amish people find that offensive:

A log cabin with horses:

And a larger Amish home, this one being remodeled:

Here's another view of the above home. You can see that they have begun siding it but not finished:

A large and elegant suburban style home:

Another modern home. Many folks in the north country like country life, even if they have no intention of farming:

And an even larger country home:

As I came to the end of Connor Road, I snapped a picture of this old barn. The snow was slowly sliding off the roof, remaining in a curling sheet as it gradually moved farther from the building:

At the end of Connor Road was this old log cabin. I've seen it before and thought it was occupied, but it looked to be empty this time:

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