Monday, January 25, 2016

County Route 56 - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour of a portion of County Route 56 in Parishville, New York. It began in Parishville and then took me into the town of Hopkinton. I passed a third farm house built of Potsdam Red Sandstone (see also Part 1, yesterday's post):

This old barn and yard was full of sheep the last time I'd passed, but looked empty on this day. I did see sheep in another barn up on a nearby hill but was unable to take a photo because I'd have been pointing the camera right into the sun:

The remains of an old silo, hay bales and farm equipment - all without a barn to shelter them:

This old barn, nestled back in the pines, looked to me like something I'd see in the Rockies:

An old barn complex and silo:

A field of corn stubble, with woodlands surrounding it:

A small home with a child's swing-set. The driveway wasn't plowed, though, so perhaps this was someone's weekend retreat:

A well kept and prosperous looking farm house:

A barn in good shape:

At the very end of County Route 56 was a very large and busy sawmill:

The sawmill was active and noisy, though all its workings were housed indoors where I couldn't see them:

But there was clamor, smoke and steam, as well as enormous piles of saw logs. But the road ended here, so I put my camera away and began concentrated on heading home to my awaiting dogs:

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