Friday, January 8, 2016

Benton Road In Rural Stockholm, New York - Part 2

I was touring rural and scenic Benton Road (see Part 1, yesterday) and enjoying the sights. This old wagon sat in a field alongside the road:

An old tractor, wagon and firewood aplenty:

Farm fields, partly hidden behind a screen of trees:

I got to a section of Benton Road where both sides of the road were forested and stopped to photograph this doe, who watched me with as much interest as I watched her:

There were pine forests on the right hand side of the road with signs declaring it a County Reforestation Area:

The pine forest was inviting, and the mosses and lichens added interest. I saw several lanes off into the forest and decided to come back with the dogs sometime and explore:

A farm house with a big front porch and barn:

And an even bigger barn - actually, a whole series of barn:

I was about at the end of the road when I saw this rather large boat, parked off in the forest. I don't know why, but it's been there for years:

There were several large, modern homes near the end of the road and it was no wonder. This location was quiet, rural, scenic - and an easy commute into Potsdam:

The last house on the road. My tour was finished. I reminded myself to come back soon with the dogs as I put away my camera and headed for home:

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