Sunday, January 10, 2016

Needham Road, Town Of Stockholm New York - Part 1

I was coming home from Potsdam when I decided to turn onto Needham Road for a quick tour and a few photos. I started with this placid, friendly looking Hereford, who watched me from its home among the birch trees:

And right next to the Hereford, these three horses lounged comfortably:

I'd stopped at Martin's Market before, but there wasn't much going on this time of year in spite of the unseasonable weather. Nonetheless, I turned in for a better look:

This market is a sort of gigantic roadside vegetable stand in season:

And in the field right behind Martin's Market, the ground was still covered with squash of various kinds:

I continued on Needham Road, coming to Goodwin's Orchard:

There was an impressive stone wall, old maple trees, a small greenhouse and several outbuildings beside the farm house:

And on the other side of the house and barn were the apple trees, all fenced in to protect them from deer:

The next farm on Needham Road was Burkum & Son Holsteins. Behind the sign was an outdoor wood furnace and lots of firewood. I don't suppose they'd used much yet since our winter had (so far) been so warm:

There were barns, silos and, of course, Holsteins:

And farm fields all around, bordered by barbed wire and woodlands. There was lots more to see on Needham Road, which I'll post tomorrow:

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