Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sayles Road In Moira, New York - Part 1

The day dawned cloudy and gray, but a surprising 40 degrees. We were predicted to drop to 10 degrees as the day progressed, so I grabbed my camera and drove to the town of Moira to find some picturesque rural scenery before it got too cold. I chose Sayles Road, which began with an American Legion hall:

There were a lot of suburban looking homes at the beginning of the road, but I figured you have those in your own neighborhood. I was looking for scenic old farms and I began to find them as I drove:

There was a motocross park:

And lots of old farms:

This must surely have been an Amish farm, judging by the clothes hung out to dry and the perfectly clean and orderly nature of the property:

This place looked friendly and inviting to me:

A handsome herd of either Ayrshires or Guernseys:

A tall silo, big tractors and hay bales:

A classic old barn which still appeared to be used for storing hay. But there was more to see on Sayles Road and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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