Monday, December 8, 2014

From Moira To Dickinson, Franklin County - Part 2

I began my driving tour in the town of Moira (see yesterday's post) and had continued to the town of Dickinson, where I was on Conservation Road. This barn was a beauty:

There were vast fields in which farm equipment rested:

An Amish farm, with both the buggy and outhouse visible between the house and barn:

I stopped for a closer look at this strange building, set back in the trees, thinking it looked like an old summer camp or a government building of some kind. Then a forest ranger pulled up alongside me to ask if I was lost. I explained myself and thanked him, but also realized that this was indeed some sort of conservation department headquarters. It was, after all, called Conservation Road:

And right on cue, the road soon narrowed and took me through state forest lands. There were sections of hardwoods:

And sections of conifers:

The road became quite narrow but was plowed, so I continued on. Eventually I found more farms and fields, beginning with this large store of hay bales and haying equipment:

Three bale feeders, one of which was under a roof. I thought this was a marvelous idea for keeping the hay dry and edible, but wondered how they cleaned inside there:

An old corral, a barn and the bottom part of a silo:

This woodsy home fit right into such rural surroundings:

There was an old sawmill, log truck and bulldozer, though it appeared that none of them had been operational in many years:

And I ended my driving tour with a photo of this wonderful old farm house. It looked vacant and the driveway was not plowed. But there was a newer home across the road, so this was probably the original homestead:

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