Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Around The Farm, But Mostly Chickens And Pigeons

I was up to eight fantail pigeons but recently added four more for a total of twelve. I added six more shelves for nesting but really need to add more. The pigeons' room isn't pretty, but it's large and I try to keep it clean. That extension cord is for plugging in the water heater:

The pigeons are all locked in for the winter now, but these photos were taken while they still had free access to the outdoors:

They seemed to be having a good time scratching in the dirt and flying up to the milk house roof:

 And I several times caught six of them out at once (the sixth is up on the roof):

I would open their window every morning and they would fly out to their perch to greet the day. Now that their window is sealed up against the cold winds for the winter, I sometimes see them on the windowsills, looking out and wishing they had their freedom again. Alas, they'll have to wait until springtime:

It took a long time for the pigeons to come outside and even longer for them to begin using their perch, but they did learn to enjoy their freedom:

 Fantail pigeons are not built for flying, but they learned to make it to the milk house roof:

And from there to the roof of the main barn:

I am amazed that my two roosters are not fighting. I hope it lasts through the winter. One morning, I turned on their light and discovered the two roosters roosting side by side. Maybe it's something in the water:

The chickens continued to be allowed outdoors longer than the pigeons did, but on really cold days, only the youngest five usually went out anyway:

I pulled in the driveway one day and found both pigeons and chickens, scratching in the lawn. It was a sight which I enjoyed seeing and am looking forward to seeing again in the spring:

 My Christmas Cactus bloomed early but was a welcome addition to my bedroom, where I keep all plants so the cats won't eat them and knock them over:

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