Sunday, December 21, 2014

Celebrating Christmas In The Ideal Small Town - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour of the Christmas decorations on homes in Canton, New York (see Part 1, yesterday):

This home had natural red berries, evergreen garland and red bows - but what was that brown "ghost?" I never did quite figure it out:

While not truly Christmas decorations, the landscaping at this home impressed me enough to snap a picture, a trend I'd follow for the rest of my driving tour:

Evergreen garland and red bells:

It was plain to me by this time that the local zeitgeist for Christmas decorating was to keep it simple, dignified and tasteful:

A manger scene, the first and only one I saw. And isn't that a lovely home?:
Just a few strings of lights, but they stood out due to the dark and foggy day, and looked quite good along with the colorful paint on this home:

More wreaths, evergreen garland and red bows on a spectacular front porch:

This home had no Christmas decorations at all but was so ornate that I included it anyway. Perhaps we could say that those giant conifers were Christmas trees:

Garland, wreaths and bows - simple and elegant:

And one more home without Christmas decorations, but with those colors, who needs to add more?:

The last home on this driving tour had several small, plain, lighted reindeer, but the most interesting thing to me was the large chainsaw sculpture, It looked like a reindeer although I couldn't see antlers, but it was probably a - well, I couldn't tell. It might even have been a dog:

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