Sunday, December 7, 2014

From Moira To Dickinson, Franklin County - Part 1

I picked out a couple of roads in Moira for a driving tour. But when I got there, I discovered they looked pretty much like any semi-rural, suburban roads. So I just kept driving farther, until I began to find old farms and country scenery. In the end, I'd driven seven roads and traveled from Moira to Dickinson. I was happy when I began to see farm houses:

I love old farm houses and the way they're built. I imagine the families they've sheltered and the stories, both happy and sad, which have unfolded within those walls:

This old farm house apparently began as a brick structure, but a large addition had been built onto one end of it:

Some homes were dressed up for Christmas:

Both front doors on this old farm house looked ancient, possibly as old as the house:

There were hay rakes out in the snow covered fields:

And front porches, unused during the winter months, sheltered by rows of White Cedar:

Barns and silos:

I found this structure to be curious. I'm guessing it began as a small house but then became a barn when the addition was built onto one end:

A great quantity of hay and two silos:

This picturesque green house appeared to be empty and the driveway was unplowed:

I stopped at this barnyard full of sheep, all of which watched me with great interest while chewing their cuds. They clearly were handled kindly and they liked people. But my driving tour was not finished yet. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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