Thursday, December 18, 2014

Franklin County Route 5 In December-Part 2

I was taking a driving tour of Franklin County Route 5 (see Part 1, yesterday) and enjoying the variety of farms along the way. This was an Amish farm, and the black shirts were flapping on the clothesline:

A red barn, set high up on a hill:

An old stone farm house:

An old barn is deteriorating condition:

And a new horse barn in perfect condition:

A small red barn, out behind a yellow farm house:

And a front view of that same house, revealing its original structure and its large, country porch:

An old home, partially shuttered, up on a hill:

And a self sufficient looking farm, set far off the road:

As I arrived in the village of Moira, its rural roots were still easy to see:

And Moira had a large brick church:

I noticed that Moira has a town museum. It's closed for the winter now, but I hope to tour it next summer:

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