Friday, December 26, 2014

Over The River And Through The Woods - Part 2

 I was driving to the little village of Brasher Falls, but taking the long way so I could enjoy the wintry rural scenery - like this old, red barn:

And this log home:

There were woodlands everywhere along the way:

I passed through the village of North Lawrence, where I saw this lovely white church in the snow:

And a red brick church:

I passed through some forests with bigger trees and guessed that I was in the Brasher State Forest, though I didn't see any signs to that effect:

And then I arrived in the little village of Brasher Falls, where I crossed over the St. Regis River on that bridge. The grocery store, my destination, was just across that bridge:

And right on the banks of the St. Regis River stood the ruins of what clearly had once been a large, stone building. I could only guess that it had once been a mill of some kind:

On my way home, I passed by this herd of mostly Angus cattle:

And the farm where I'd purchased my bedding hay for the year:

I stopped briefly for a photo of my neighbors' Herefords:

And their three horses. But I was home, and that was the end of my journey. Even a short trip to the grocery store can be an opportunity for great beauty when one is willing to see it:

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