Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Surprise Thaw And A Hike To Moose Pond - Part 3

I had hiked with the dogs to Moose Pond (see Parts 1 and 2, previous posts) and we'd walked through the forest along the water's edge. When we discovered another good place to access the water, we went there:

The dogs played and sniffed everything. I took one more look at the high peaks which surrounded the lake:

I found the alternate trail and we began hiking back toward our parked car:

The trail was varied and always lovely and interesting:

Pines, birch, fir, balsam and beech lined the edge of the trail:

And the dogs were as excited as when we'd begun:

But I knew we were getting close to the trail head:

The dogs gave everything a most thorough sniffing:

It wasn't long before I could see the Saranac River up ahead through the trees, and I knew we were almost there:

We arrived at the footbridge over the river and returned to the car. The hike in to Moose Pond had been lovely, one I hope to take again:

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