Monday, December 1, 2014

Pets At Home

I haven't posted pet photos in several weeks, so here are some - beginning with little old PeeWee in his upstairs dog bed:

And Clover, Daphne and Fergus on my bed:

Rocky on his favorite cat tree at the top of the stairs:

I caught Bramble playing with the cord to the window blinds but had to stop him before he ruined them:

An unusual picture because it shows all five dogs on the kitchen dog beds:

And all five dogs in the back yard, just before our first snow:

Daphne shared a dog bed with PeeWee:

And, another time, with Fergus:

It's unusual for PeeWee to use the kitchen floor dog beds, and I am happy when I find him napping there with the other dog as it seems to provide him comfort and sense of belonging. All my dogs are extremely tolerant of him:

And napping is certainly one of PeeWee's specialties:

Bramble in the living room:

My four tired hiking dogs, resting after climbing up Mount Baker. I put a bandanna on Seamus so he'd look friendly and not alarming should we encounter other hikers:

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