Thursday, December 25, 2014

Over The River And Through The Woods - Part 1

We were recovering from a Nor'easter and I needed cough syrup, so I decided to drive to the village of Brasher Falls where there was a small grocery store. The snow was clinging to the trees along the way and everything was so lovely that I decided to take photos of the rural scenery. There were woodlands between the farms:

And lots of horses:

This farm house and barn sure added color to the white landscape:

It was all so beautiful that I decided to take a detour, making a broad loop to get to Brasher Falls:

Most of the woodlands were former farm fields allowed to grow up to forest, but I knew that the Brasher State Forest was just ahead and I'd likely find some bigger trees there:

I passed by old barns:

And beech trees which still clung to their leaves:

There were modern homes too. This one looked like a scene from a Christmas card:

An old shed, now all alone in the woods:

Lots of conifers of various kinds:

A big red barn with brush grown up around it:

And a big old maple tree alongside the road. I was about halfway to Brasher Falls and there was more to see along the way. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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