Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy House Pets In December

The dogs and cats in my life have continued their pattern of rest and relaxation. Clover and Snoozey shared a floor pillow in the farm house kitchen:

Gigantic Seamus shared a smaller dog bed with tiny Daphne:

Fergus, Daphne, Seamus and Clover. I'm often asked if Seamus seems to mind Clover on top of him and my answer is that he seems to enjoy it:

PeeWee has continued his "half in, half out" mode of snoozing:

All five dogs in their fenced yard, just as the season's first big snowfall began:

All five dogs once again:

Snoozey, Bramble and Clover:

PeeWee in the snowy yard:

A collection of pets - five dogs and two cats:

Hmm, I wonder if Bramble felt shunned and rejected. Not likely, I suppose, as he has no qualms about moving in on any dog pile and taking over:

Bramble also has no qualms about taking over PeeWee's dog bed beneath my computer desk:

Snoozey, Daphne and Clover:

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