Monday, February 13, 2012

Wilber's Hardware Store, Hopkinton New York

It was Monday, my only full day up at the farm. I'd already toured the villages of Brookdale and Raymondville. I'd visited the Massena Museum and then returned home to attend to my dogs. My next stop was Wilber's Hardware Store in Hopkinton, just down the road from my place. Water pipes were stored in racks behind the building and firewood was stacked along the side:

I parked in front of the store and went inside. When my friend was remodeling the farm house, he was in here all the time. A person can't drive all the way to Massena's Home Depot whenever he needs something - and besides, Wilber's Hardware has just about everything:

I asked the woman at the counter if I could take photos for the blog and she said "Sure." Then I got brave and asked if I could take her picture also and she agreed. I was off to a good start:

Wilber's Hardware is an old fashioned emporium of nearly everything a home owner could need - such as hand tools:

Fly-swatters, saw blades, thermometers, more tools - well, you can see how they tried to include everything:

Household chemicals of every description:

Gas cans, garden hose, masonry tools, plumbing supplies and a wood stove. That is exactly the same wood stove with which I heated my house when I had my two boys at home:

Electrical supplies, nuts and bolts:

Hooks, brackets, locks and staples:

I don't even remember what this all was, but you get the idea:

I thanked the nice woman at the counter, took one last photo and began driving back to the farm:


  1. Just found your blog while googling for Wilber's phone number :) We must be "neighbors". I live over on the Ferris Rd. outside of Nicholville. I'm enjoying all your pictures!

    1. Thank you. I post a lot of local scenery as I discover St. Lawrence and Franklin counties.

  2. I too am new to the area. I live just a few miles southeast of Nicholville and I have found Wilber's hardware a great resource. It is amazing how much variety of useful tools, supplies and general hardware stuff is in that store. Great hardware, I go there often!