Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Home Has Become A Clip-Joint

Wally and Fergus just got complete haircuts since the trimming around their eyes went so well. Their hair was simply getting too long even though it's midwinter. Now they're svelte, well groomed show dogs - OK, I know what you're thinking but I told them they were looking mighty handsome now with their stylish new hairdos:

Fergus has a few stray clumps of curly hair sticking out here and there, but I'll bet he's more comfortable now than he was before. A dog groomer would not be impressed, but I don't know any, so I won't worry about it. You're lookin' good, Fergus:

I took the dogs outdoors for a brief photo shoot and giant old Seamus had to get in the act. His turn at getting a haircut is coming, but I'll pay a groomer to do that:


  1. I am VERY impressed with your furdos! My groomer tells dogs if they see me with clippers in my hand to run for their lives. Then I get yelled at big time. It is not pretty. But what are you going to do when you take in a dumped dog that is solid mats on the weekend when the groomer is not open? I rest my case.


    1. My clip-jobs are very rough but they serve the purpose and the hair quickly fills back in so no one can tell it's an amateur effort. But I simply don't have the money to have all these dogs done professionally. Seamus, on the other hand, is so huge and has so very much fur that I take him to PetSmart. In fact he has a haircut appointment this coming Monday morning. And I agree that rescued dogs simply need to be cleaned and comforted. Great beauty is not the immediate goal!