Friday, February 3, 2012

From The Cascade Lakes To The High Peaks Region

We were on our way up to the farm, the dogs and I. When we reached the Cascade Lakes I was again awestruck by the beauty and had to stop for a photo:

The lakes were frozen over but I saw no ice skaters. I did see rocky cliffs rising up on both sides of the valley, though:

Daphne, Clover and Seamus watched my every move when I got out of the car:

These cliffs are favorites of rock climbers. This sign reminded me to look closely for climbers:

And I did see some. These rock climbers were much higher than it appears here. I couldn't get the whole cliff in the photo and still see the people, so I opted for just this portion. I have noticed that these climbers seem to prefer ice to rock and I find that odd. I'd be afraid the ice could shift or worse, although I'm sure it's easier to set a piton in ice:

Mountains on the southeast side of the valley, just across one of the Cascade Lakes:

I've never been able to identify that snowy peak which can be seen, at least on clear days, from the Cascade Lakes. Anybody out there know its identity?:

But I had six dogs waiting impatiently back in the car and it was time to resume our journey:

We drove on through the high peaks region and stopped at Adirondack Loj Road for more pictures of the surrounding mountains:

We were close to the town of Lake Placid and could see the Olympic jump towers on the outskirts of town. John Brown's historic farm was just ahead and off to the left of this photo:

I've always been fascinated by that sharp cliff and mountain pass in the distance. I can't identify it, but in days past have hiked in places which probably looked like that (Avalanche Pass comes to mind):

But there's always anxious dogs urging me to get back on the road and do something more interesting. So I resumed the journey toward the farm. I no longer try to make it quickly. Instead, I opt for making it an interesting learning experience:

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