Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Photos of Tiny, Rural Brookdale, New York

I was taking a driving tour of the rural area northwest of the farm and especially the little town of Brookdale, New York. I passed by this little pen of curious sheep who watched me closely:

There were several modular homes along the road:

And fine old farm houses:

This old barn had been a giant at one time and its farm appeared to be large and prospering. Had it burned? I didn't see any charred wood. Perhaps it collapsed under the weight of a heavy snowfall:

This much smaller barn appeared to have been converted to a garage but, judging by the unplowed snow, was no longer being used:

Brookdale had lots of old farms with actively used barns and tractors:

A friendly old farm house where I could easily imagine a family gathering for Thanksgiving dinner:

Well kept outbuildings:

Another friendly, comfortable old farm house:

And another small old barn:

There were occasional modern, upscale homes which I assumed where owned by people with good jobs in Massena or Potsdam:

Although we were experiencing an exceptionally mild weekend, there was still evidence of the big ice storm a couple of weeks earlier. Snowy birches arched gracefully alongside the road in many places. It had been unclear exactly at what point I entered the town of Brookdale and it was equally unclear when I left it, but I decided that this was perhaps the spot at which I was leaving Brookdale behind:

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