Monday, February 20, 2012

The Lake Placid Adirondack Store, Part 2

I was on my way home from the farm but had stopped in Lake Placid to take a photo tour of The Adirondack Store. I found it colorful, exciting and suited my tastes exactly. Of course it didn't suit my wallet at all, but looking is always more fun than buying anyway. This elegant dining table was set with burl bowls and bear candlesticks:

And for your sitting room, a moose antler chandelier, deer antler wall sconces, birch bark furniture and framed Adirondack prints. A stuffed pheasant completed the rustic great camp motif:

A lively bedroom set for your ski slope loving children:

And a bookshelf with the uprights made of deer antlers and the shelves made of rough cut slabs. A birch bark bowl set on a shelf and a birch bark mirror above made it clear that this was an Adirondack style room:

More Adirondack furnishings. I was particularly fond of the moose antler lamp and the baby bear poster:

I was stopped in my tracks by this coonskin (and, I presume, other skins as well) throw. It was magnificent but I figured it would be pricey:

So I took a closer look at the price tag. No, I don't think I'll be buying one to adorn my bed any time soon:

The place was bright, colorful, fun and full of surprises:

Did you notice the stuffed porcupine on the door frame in the previous picture? Well, here's a close-up:

As you can see, this was a place of wonderment and whimsy:

I was just about to leave when I spotted this huge, carved wooden chandelier. It was magnificent:

And a deer antler chandelier. But I'd left the farm many hours ago and only reached Lake Placid. I had many miles left before I reached home. So I thanked the store personnel and exited to resume my journey back to Albany:

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  1. Hi Bill -
    I hope you read this after a year. I was just surfing the net a bit and came across your great comments and photos about my store. Thank you so much for all the nice things you had to say - you obviously appreciate what we're trying to do. I'm especially pleased that you found the store welcoming, colorful, and fun. We try hard to make everyone feel welcome and free to just look around and hopefully enjoy. Even though there might be some sticker shock here and there, I hope you'll visit again! Jon