Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Town Of Lake Placid and Lots O' Mountains

The air was so crystal clear that when I reached the town of Lake Placid that I made a quick turn onto Riverside Road in order to get a good view of Whiteface Mountain. But the first thing I saw was this gigantic barn, a few horses relaxing outside in the sun:

There were more horses on the opposite side of this barn and it was, indeed, one of the biggest, best kept barns I'd ever seen:

And there directly ahead of me in the shimmering blue sky was Whiteface Mountain. It looked unusually large, much the way a full moon does sometimes. Whiteface is the only Adirondack high peak with a road to the top. I drove up there once and the view was certainly spectacular. I'd recommend it to anyone:

I turned around on Riverside Drive and headed back to the highway. I was looking straight on at the Olympic High Jump towers. The mere thought of rocketing down one of those is nightmare material for me:

From Lake Placid I continued on to the town of Ray Brook, where numerous high peaks views were available:

I don't know which mountains these are, but they sure are lovely:

And another view:

And another. But of course I was supposed to be driving to the farm. So I put my camera away and got back on the road. We were just over an hour away at that point. I'll post more tomorrow:

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