Friday, February 10, 2012

Discovering Raymondville, New York

Just as it was difficult to know when I'd entered Brookdale, it was difficult to know when I'd left it. But this State Forest sign informed me that I'd passed into the village of Raymondville:

It was still plenty rural, but there was a public water supply tower alongside the road. Raymondville is not too far from Massena:

The houses were getting closer together and some, like this one, had obviously been added on to:

There were more modular homes:

And older bungalows:

And two story frame homes:

And one old, abandoned home which seemed to have been built wrapping around the trees (or had the trees grown in after it was abandoned?). I liked the concept, but clearly no one lived there any more:

When I reached the highway, I discovered that Raymondville had a rather thickly settled section also:

And its own Post Office:

As I continued on the highway toward Massena, I passed all manner of homes:

And the Raymondville Methodist Church:

I was traveling toward Massena on Route 56 which followed alongside the lovely Raquette River for a considerable distance and provided many stunning views:. At this point I was getting close to Massena, but I'll post about that tomorrow:

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