Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parting Shots From The Keene Valley And Marcy Field

I'd dithered so much on my way home that I didn't take any more photos or make any stops once I'd passed through Lake Placid. But when I reached the intersection of Routes 9N and 73 in the Keene Valley, I just had to pull over and try to capture the beauty of the mountains shrouded in clouds: 

If you compare this photo with the one above, you can see how much difference it made when I walked only about 10 feet down the road. The clouds changed, the perspective changed, but it was still lovely:

I'd parked at the foot of the Keene Cemetery, but this time we didn't enter it. I needed to get home:

But the dogs had been patient in the car for a long time and needed a rest stop. So I once again stopped at Marcy Field. I opened the back door and all six happy, excited dogs jumped out and began running:

Little Clover, as usual, ran the farthest and the fastest. She generally needs to be called back with some frequency. I have been trying to teach her to stick more closely to me but she doesn't yet quite grasp the concept - or perhaps just doesn't yet care what I want:

Even old, blind Wally got into the act. He's still able to kick up his heels when the occasion warrants:

The three youngsters had boundless energy and Marcy Field is a grand place for them to run some of it off. We had about two more hours of driving ahead of us so I let them run to their hearts' content - as long as they didn't get too far away from me:

Wally and Winky were less frisky but no less happy:

But this was just a rest stop so I soon called the dogs back to the car:

I took one last photo of the magnificent Adirondacks and set off to finish the journey home:

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