Monday, February 6, 2012

Lake Colby and Hays Brook Trail In The Adirondacks

As we pulled out of the town of Saranac Lake, the dogs and I, we stopped briefly along Lake Colby to view the people who were ice fishing:

Clover found it all quite fascinating:

We traveled on toward the farm until I reached the access road for the Hays Brook Horse Trail. It isn't plowed in the winter, but was certainly passable - and the dogs needed a rest stop. So I turned off of Route 30 and drove to the trail head. All the dogs joyously piled out but blind old Wally was the last to get going:

The snow cover was thinner here than it had been at our previous rest stop, so Wally was able to walk through it. The other dogs, of course, ran through it:

This trail is lovely and serene at any time of the year but it holds a special fascination for me in the wintertime:

Wally was slow but Winky was even slower. I had to urge him away from the car and toward the trail:

The younger dogs were having a grand time running and playing in the snow:

Winky and Wally finally caught up with the rest of us:

And they caught up with us just in time to turn around and head back toward the car:

And you know which two dogs were the last to arrive. Winky was, in fact, so slow that I started up my car hoping he'd think we were leaving without him and come running. It worked on Fergus when he was a puppy but it didn't work on stubborn old Winky. In the end, I just had to wait. But when all six dogs were in the car, we resumed our trip to the farm. We were only about 35 miles from the farm at that point and would be arriving there soon:

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