Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Lake Placid Adirondack Store, Part 1

The dogs and I were on our way home from a weekend at the farm when I decided to stop in Lake Placid and take a photo tour of The Adirondack Store, another vendor of Adirondack themed gifts and home furnishings:

But before I entered the main building, I headed over to the cabin next door to have a look inside:

They had lovely stools made of limbs and the cross-sections of logs. If one assumes they had more than just what was displayed here, this could surely have been called a stool sample:

I'm a sucker for log and wicker furniture but will have to be satisfied with just looking. For one thing, I simply can't afford such things and even if I could, my large "herd" of dogs and cats would destroy them forthwith:

Inside the main building I asked for permission to take photos and was told to feel free but to "leave us out of them." My first stop was a stuffed beaver sitting at a well set dinner table. A formal dinner party should always include a beaver:

Wow! Now, that's just lovely. I suppose it wouldn't be very comfortable without cushions, though:

A moose antler floor lamp for your parlor:

And a coffee table made from a glass covered mini-canoe:

Easy chairs made to order with a whole wall of fabric samples from which to choose:

This living room setting actually reminded me of my uncle's home in LaGrande, Oregon when I was a kid. I guess the western theme is very similar to the Adirondack theme:

A stone fireplace for evenings together after a day of skiing:

China and crystal with which to set an Adirondack dinner table. This was a colorful and fascinating world, so much so that I was unable to limit my photos to just one post. So I'll post more pictures from The Adirondack Store in Lake Placid tomorrow:

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