Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunday Afternoon At The Farm

We arrived at the farm on Sunday afternoon and I first put the dogs into their fenced-in run and then began unloading groceries etc. from the car. I went down into the basement and turned on my water supply and then took a quick look around. There was very little snow on the ground at that point. Alas, the sheet of steel siding which had been flapping in the wind had blown off completely and my barn had a big hole in the south end. The whole barn needs to be sided and its roof repaired. That promises to be a giant expense:

The house itself was looking good. It's a solid structure built with giant beams and should last for a very long time:

I needed to pay a visit to the neighbors, so I walked across the county road to their farm:

An Amish neighbor has posted a sign on a power pole at the corner of my property advertising horse shoeing and horse training:

My neighbors are a young couple with three small boys, the most recent only two months old. This would be my first visit since their youngest was born:

One of their horses wanted attention and of course I was happy to provide it, both of us being careful not to touch the single strand of electric wire. That is my house and barn across the county road:

After a friendly visit with the neighbors, I returned home, noting the fallen apples strewn atop the snow in my side yard:

Darkness came early so the dogs and I made ourselves comfy:

This is a rare photo of my farm apartment which includes all six dogs. They're all watching me except for old Wally who is facing the other way. He's almost blind, so I suppose he felt no need to face my way:

Clover, Daphne and Winky clustered near the heater:

And Wally finally was a very happy boy:

Seamus stretched out on the rug. I fed the dogs, then fed myself and got out a book to read. Those long winter nights in the north country with no computer or TV have done wonders for my reading:

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