Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Dog Pile At Work

I always work alone in the office on Saturdays so I bring in five of my dogs (crabby old Winky stays at home) to keep me company. It's a fun outing and good socialization for them and the customers get a big kick out of the dogs, especially when they collect themselves into a dog pile:

Many customers have run back out to their trucks to get their wives, kids or coworkers to come and in and see the dogs. Or they take photos of the dog pile with their cell phones:

And yet all it takes is a friendly word from a customer to get the dogs' attention. Then they'll run forward for attention. No problems with unsociable dogs among this pack. When a friend purchased a Miniature Dachshund puppy, it came with detailed socialization instructions: The puppy had to be introduced to a certain number of new people and other animals each week while it was still young and impressionable. Oh, if only all puppies came with such instructions!:

Wally doesn't often join the dog piles, but on this Saturday he was feeling very much like being with his doggy family. I took the occasion to snap a few photos of my happy pack:

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