Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beginning A Driving Tour In Tiny Brookdale, New York

I'd driven up to the farm on Sunday with all my dogs and had a sound sleep in our little farm apartment. When Monday morning dawned I didn't think the mountains would be hike-able in spite of the unseasonably warm weather. So instead, I decided to make a driving tour of the local countryside. I headed north on the county road but only made it about a mile when I was stopped by a flock of turkeys feeding. They ignored me for a long time but flew away when I got too close. I tried to snap a photo of them in flight but hit the wrong button, turning my camera off instead of taking a picture:

The map showed a small town called Brookdale just southwest of Massena so I headed that way. It was so small that I wouldn't have known I'd arrived if it hadn't been for this church sign:

Brookdale was a small cluster of nice homes and farms, situated on flat prairie. I liked it immediately:

People there seemed to take good care of their homes:

And many homes appeared to have been there for a very long time:

A few modern homes had been built:

There were all styles, shapes, sizes and colors of houses:

And leftover Christmas decorations:

Being a Monday, I was surprised to find quite a few driveways with cars:

And pickup trucks, of course:

Well tended properties, perhaps owned by someone with a good paying job in Massena or Potsdam:

This picturesque old farmstead provided me with one of my favorite photos of the entire trip. I'll post more about Brookdale tomorrow:


  1. Look at all those turkeys! Never seen so many before.

    I have never been up north as far as Massena. Someday, someday...

    1. It's really lovely up in that area. It's very rural, with farmland stretching for miles and large protected forests. There's university towns such as Canton and Potsdam. And it's mostly flat land like Nebraska which seems strange since it's so very close to the Adirondacks.