Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roadside Park In Keene, New York

We were on our way north through the Adirondacks, the dogs and I, to visit the farm. We'd had a rest stop at the trail head near Marcy Field and taken a driving tour along Airport Road. But it was time to continue on our way. I'd just hit the highway when I saw this little roadside/riverside park in the town of Keene, New York and just had to stop once again:

Winter was still hanging on in the Adirondacks but the day was clear and warm. The Ausable River looked clear and alive, fully participating in the changeover from winter to springtime. Yet the recent harsh winter still had left signs. What looks like giant flat rocks on the riverbank were really slabs of ice about 8" thick. Apparently the river had backed up there, leaving those floating slabs on the riverbank:

Yet a glance southward toward some high peaks bespoke springtime:

I could see right down through the clear waters to the riverbed and searched for fish. I never saw any, but the lack of snow and ice was such a blessing that I was enjoying every moment anyway:

This tiny park has a strict "No Dogs" policy and is right on the highway anyway. So I've never before stopped here. But even though the dogs must wait in the car, I may stop here again and again just to watch spring unfold into summer and then into autumn:

Winter and spring seemed to be battling for dominance, but spring was clearly winning:

The Ausable River was quiet and any spring flooding appeared to be in the past:

But I had six dogs in the back of my little red car waiting anxiously, so I walked back to continue my journey to the farm:

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