Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hiking Along Hannacroix Creek - Part 1

Sunday morning dawned clear and sunny, yet I was working myself up to a foul mood. But I knew a remedy for that, so I put the four younger dogs in the car and headed down to Hannacroix Creek Preserve, just about a half hour south of Albany. The dogs hit the trail running:

They were excited, perhaps overly so, but there was no one else around so I allowed them to have their leash-less freedom and hoped they'd soon settle down:

The main trail begins by climbing uphill and then angles down towards Hannacroix Creek. We were on our way:

The trail bends to the left when it arrives at the creek and we began walking parallel to the water:

Seamus was all smiles:

And little Clover spurred him to action. "Look, Seamus, water! Don't you want to go wading?":

So Seamus ran right down to the water and plunged right in. Fergus does everything Seamus does, so he followed him right into that cold, cold water:

Clover and Daphne, the two young Papillons, tip-toed in also:

But it was way too cold for everyone except Seamus. "Hey, guys, where are you all going?":

The two dainty little Papillons liked the water but tried very hard to get nothing more than their feet wet. So far, this hike was going well enough even if the dogs were a little bit rambunctious. My spirits were on the way up. I'll post more tomorrow:

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