Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adirondack High Peaks Scenery

The dogs and I were on our way home from an overnight trip to the farm. We'd passed southward down the Red Tavern/Port Kent Road to Route 30 past the Deer River Flow and from there turned toward the high peaks region of the Adirondacks. As we drove through Brighton, the views were fantastic:

As you can see, the rain had stopped and sunlight was giving the mountains a mysterious glow:

Dark clouds swirled and raced in the sky, sometimes leaving moving shadows which moved across the mountains' topography like running animals:

But overall the not-too-distant peaks gave me a sense of quietude and serenity:

When we arrived in the Keene Valley, I decided to give the cemetery a try as a doggy rest area:

The high peaks are nearby neighbors here and it almost feels like one can reach out and touch them:

And at the rear of the cemetery I found a pine woods in which the dogs could play without trampling on anyone's grave:

They ran around and gave everything the smell test:

I was having the usual trouble with this rest stop. The four youngsters ran out ahead but Wally and Winky, the two more seasoned dogs, lagged far behind. My job was to keep them as close together as possible and out of trouble:

Here comes Wally and Winky! They're going as fast as they can:

But we stayed only briefly and then drove back out to the highway to continue our journey home:

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