Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Afternoon At The Farm

I'd already had a very long day. It began around 2:00AM and by included the long drive up through the Adirondacks to the farm. After walking the dogs and getting them settled in my little apartment in the farm house, I walked across the street to pay a visit to my neighbors. As I was leaving their house, I snapped this photo of my own house and barn. Birds were singing all around and despite the lack of green leaves, it felt like springtime:

I paid a visit to my tenants who are leaving at the end of the month and then settled in for the evening. Though it would be considered too early by most people's standards, I was tuckered out and ready to cook dinner and unwind. The dogs seemed only too happy to do likewise:

Even Clover and Daphne had slowed down:

Little old Winky was quite happy to be part of the gang and enjoyed the attention he was getting:

Oh, wait. I was wrong about the puppies having slowed down. They were wrestling once again:

Seamus, Fergus and Wally, however, were definitely ready for some rest and relaxation:

Having had such a long day and plenty of exercise, including running and wrestling, little Clover finally collapsed on a pillow - well, partly on a pillow. That's a sleeping Winky dog on the pillow behind her:

Fergus wasn't going to settle for just a floor pillow when he was perfectly capable of accessing the bed. I ate dinner, let the dogs out one more time and went to bed myself:

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