Friday, April 1, 2011

Children Of The Icicles

We keep thinking that spring has arrived and then getting surprised when we learn that it's not yet quite here. I left for work one morning in pretty darn nice weather and returned to find this fountain beginning to freeze up. It's in front of the Doane Stuart School, a private institution not far from my house:

When I passed by on my way to work the next morning I found the girl and the pigeons in the statue had pretty much become encased in icicles. And there was snow on the ground with more falling:

But by the end of the day the icicles and snow had melted and spring was once again in the air as I headed home from work. The Doane Stuart School was looking happy and well cared for:

The girl in the fountain and her pigeons were once again rejoicing in steams of water:

I walked around to the other side of the statue and found that it also included a sitting boy and even more pigeons. I'm sure that the bronze girl, boy and birds are all looking forward to warmer weather and no more icicles. I know I certainly am:

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