Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Cohoes Falls, Part 2

I'd driven up to Cohoes, New York to the site of the waterfalls on the Mohawk River in hopes of seeing nesting Bald Eagles. But I saw none at all and never did. In fact, I never saw a single bird of any species. But the views were great. This is looking east towards where the Mohawk River empties into the Hudson River. You can see two bridges, a railroad bridge and an old two-lane highway bridge. Those hills on the horizon are Rensselaer County and the area just north of Troy, New York:

Adjacent to the waterfall viewing area was old textile mill company housing of a less grand nature than the imposing structures I'd first encountered. They were either apartments or private housing now also, as the mill has been closed for many years:

A few other families stopped by to view the magnificent waterfalls:

The falls were huge, loud and impressive. There were whole trees moving down the river and either tumbling over the falls or getting caught on jutting rocks:

When it became obvious that I would see no eagles, I began to drive home. I passed through the area which contained even more old buildings which had long ago served as workers' housing for the textile mill. Or perhaps these were once part of the mill itself - I couldn't tell:

And when I passed by the main building of the former, I saw that it too had become private apartments. In fact, they were having an open house that day. I was tempted to stop for a tour but didn't:

Over the front entrance of the old mill was a statue, presumably of the former owner of the textile mill:

Here's a close up of the statue. I'm sure this rich man once bossed the town of Cohoes and no one crossed him:

It might have been interesting to go inside, but I was tired and had lots of dogs and cats at home waiting for me. So I pocketed my camera and began the short drive back home:

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