Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Beautiful Deer River Flow

I'd just made a visit up to the farm and was on my way home with all six dogs. We were driving on the Port Kent/Red Tavern Road and a freezing rain was falling, leaving several inches of slush on the road. We entered the territory of the Deer River Flow:

I'd just passed a flock of turkeys on the road (see yesterday's post) when up ahead I saw a small group of White Tailed Deer. I stopped to snap their picture:

Like the turkeys, they didn't seem at all afraid and appeared very large and well fed. So I began taking a video of them out of the car window (while trying not to let the freezing rain hit my camera). Still, the deer didn't run away. So I began driving slowly closer and closer. When they still didn't run away, I even spoke to them:

Red Tavern Road eventually took us to Route 30 and, knowing that Red Tavern Road would soon become impassable, I turned south on the highway. We were still driving through the territory designated as the Deer River Flow and it was magnificent:

Pairs of ducks flew past me every so often but I wasn't fast enough to snap their pictures. But with such extraordinary scenery, I was happy:

This northern stretch of Route 30 passed through what was darn near wilderness. There was very little traffic and the Adirondacks stretched out before me in every direction:

But the wetlands of the Deer River Flow were the main attraction:

I parked my car and walked a short way up a dirt road with wetlands on either side:

This small inlet was lovely enough to take my breath away:

One last photo and then I trotted back to my car and the waiting dogs. We had many miles yet to travel before reaching home:

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