Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marcy Field And Airport Road

I was driving up to the farm with all six dogs in the back of my little red car. The snow had pretty much all melted in the Albany area, but I soon learned that lots of snow remained in the Adirondacks. I'd let the dogs out on the hiking trail which begins at the Marcy Field trail head (see yesterday's post) and then got them back into the car and set out to continue our journey northward. But as I began to drive out of the parking area, I decided that the views from there were too nice to leave unphotographed. So I began snapping pictures:

There were two parked cars in the parking area, but I suspected that they had been there overnight. Otherwise, we had the beautiful Marcy Field, its parking area and the views of the surrounding hills all to ourselves:

The higher peaks were visible just northwest of us. We'd be driving through them soon:

I imagined camping up there on a summer's day. The climb would be fairly easy but the views would be fantastic:

I'd begun snapping photos out my car window but was really getting into it. So I stepped out of the car and shot a picture of more high peaks to the south:

This got me to thinking that I'd never driven down the county road leading from the Marcy Field parking area. The skies were blue, the sun was shining and I was in no big hurry, so I headed off down the road to see the sights:

Valley fields surrounded by Adirondack high peaks on a clear spring day. What more could I ask?:

When I came to an intersection, I realized that the county road was also Airport Road (Marcy Field is an air field of sorts) and that I could now continue on my way up Route 73 into the high peaks region. So off we went, the dogs and I, searching for adventure and on our way to the farm:

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