Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Cohoes Falls, Part 1

It was an idle Sunday for me and I'd just had a nice phone conversation with my sister in Ohio. She was making a trip to a natural area along a river where she hikes regularly to view Bald Eagles nesting and feeding. As the phone call ended, I remembered that we reportedly have our own Bald Eagles just north of Albany along the Mohawk River in Cohoes, New York. So I jumped in the car (without any dogs) and was on my way almost immediately. Cohoes is an old mill town and the overlook for the Cohoes Falls and hopeful eagle viewing was near the old company housing for mill workers, now remodeled into modern apartments:

An electric power generating plant sits along the river near the waterfalls and immediately adjacent to the public viewing site:

The old textile mill company's housing was large and extensive, filling several blocks:

I parked on the street and walked to the edge of the cliff where I would be able to see the falls and, I hoped, some Bald Eagles:

If you click on this to enlarge it, you'll be able to see the terrain involved:

The falls were magnificent - and quite loud:

In addition to the waterfall itself, there's more rushing water from the containment system and power generating facility:

You can see both the falls and part of the electric generating facility here:

And looking downstream (east) toward where the Mohawk River empties into the Hudson River, the view was magnificent. I had not yet seen any birds, much less any eagles, but I'll post more tomorrow:

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