Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grafton's Fire Tower Trail - Part 5

I'd hiked the Fire Tower Trail at Grafton Lakes State Park in upstate New York with four of my dogs (see previous posts) and was almost back to the trail head. We were going more slowly now and taking time for exploratory jaunts off the trail and just to stop and listen to the beautiful, rich silence of the snowy woods:

I pulled my camera out of my pocket and brought it up to snap a photo and just as I was about to snap a picture, I once again slipped on the ice and fell down. I had the presence of mind to protect my camera and was able to shoot the picture when I'd stood back up and regained my dignity. This hike had sure had some accidents and cautions. Well, it was the first hike of the year so I hoped that I'd learned from my mistakes:

The dogs seemed not to be tired at all, and little Clover was as perky as a show dog posing for a judge. I think she imagined herself a small she-wolf, mistress of all she surveyed:

Big ol' Seamus had slowed down but was still going strong:

Fergus hadn't even slowed down but was keeping up with the two Papillon pups:

We rounded a bend in the trail and saw our little red car parked just ahead:

The dogs broke into a run and circled the car, clearly overjoyed to be back. This surprised me and I never quite understood what was going on in their doggy minds. Were they tired or just happy to see a familiar sight? I guessed it was the latter:

We all piled into the car and began driving out of the park on the snowy dirt roads. We passed Second Pond:

The dogs enjoy sightseeing as much as any humans:

And we passed Mill Pond. I bought myself a sandwich at the Grafton General Store and headed for home:

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