Friday, April 15, 2011

Exploring Riverside Drive, Lake Placid

I was on my way to visit the farm and driving north through the Adirondacks with all six dogs in the back of the car. We'd passed the Cascade Chain of Lakes and were just entering Lake Placid when I decided to turn off onto Riverside Drive. I've parked at the intersection before to take pictures but had never actually driven the road. I didn't expect much, so was thrilled to see such exquisite sights as these horses in a field at the foot of the some high peaks:

Lake Placid has become a place for the wealthiest of people to live or vacation, so I am sure whoever bought this horse farm had no problem paying for this extravagant barn:

There was still snow on the fields, but it all added up to very fine scenery and I was glad I'd decided to tour Riverside Drive:

The farm on the right apparently sells freshly grown produce during the summer and I suspect that mountain in the background is Whiteface, though I can't be sure:

I jumped out of the car and ran across the road to snap this picture and only then realized that I'd left the driver's window down. Daphne and Clover were perfectly behaved, though, and didn't jump out:

And looking back towards Lake Placid I had a very good view of the Olympic ski jumps:

A frozen river and marsh lands extended beyond the farm fields as we got closer to the high peaks:

The road began to climb upwards into the mountains and I discovered many new and expensive looking homes in the hills. But eventually I turned around and began heading back toward town:

I wanted a shot of the car and dogs with that high peak in the background, so once again I left the window down and trusted the Papillons not to jump out:

As I got closer to Lake Placid I got an even better view of the Olympic ski jumps. The mere thought of sliding down one of those would terrify me:

After I got home, I searched the internet for a photo taken from the top of the Olympic ski jumps. You can see why a mere mortal would fear to slide down one of them. By the way, that's Riverside Drive directly ahead:

Another prosperous Adirondack farm on Riverside Drive. I returned to the highway and continued making my way up to the farm:

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